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Anthrax Vaccine Shows Promise in Monkey Trial

New type of shot protected animals against deadly infection

Health Highlights: July 1, 2016
  • Transgender Ban Lifted by U.S Military

Health Tip: Sleep Soundly Away From Home

Tips for sleeping in an unfamiliar bed

Health Tip: Why Wisdom Teeth Are Frequently Pulled

Problems triggered by misaligned or impacted third molars

U.S. Cancer Survivors Living Longer

Likelihood of other chronic conditions will stress health care system in next two decades, report predicts

When Cooking Outside, Don't Let Food Safety Slide

Dietitian offers suggestions on keeping your barbecues and picnics safe

Who's Most Likely to Seek Infertility Help

They're more likely to be better educated, wealthier and older, study finds

FDA Approves Eye Implant for Aging Boomers

Tiny lens reshapes cornea to improve focus on small print, objects close to you

FDA Says 'No' to Eating Raw Cookie Dough

Illness-inducing germs such as E. coli can lurk in uncooked flour, agency warns

Gene Tied to Breast Cancer Raises Uterine Cancer Risk Too

Women with BRCA1 may want to consider preventive removal of uterus, researcher says

Health Highlights: June 30, 2016
  • Transgender Ban Lifted by U.S Military

  • Heart Disease Still Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

  • Federal Funding Could be Cut if Cancer Researchers Don't Release Findings: Biden

Health Tip: Choosing the Right Potty Seat

Make sure your child feels comfortable

Health Tip: When Your Blood Glucose Rises

Here are possible reasons why

Hundreds of U.S. Clinics Sell Unapproved Stem Cell 'Therapies'

Study identifies hot spots around the country

Inherited Cholesterol Disorder Significantly Boosts Heart Risks

Untreated, the condition also makes arteries age decades faster, study reports

Malaria Vaccine Protection Short-Lived in Young Children

Kids in study were given 3 doses, but manufacturer now says 4 doses needed

Men Face Greater Risk of Cardiac Arrest: Study

Heart disease tends to develop earlier than it does in women, researchers say

Uncle Sam Wants You ... Slimmer

Obesity affects 1 in 5 military members, study finds

Video May Aid End-of-Life Decision-Making

Brief film helped heart failure patients understand their options, study says

Why Some Seniors Don't Take Their Meds

Age, failing memory play a role, but gender might matter, too, study finds

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